Just one of those days

Monday, August 25, 2014

Have you ever had one of those days?  You know the one where you cannot get yourself out of bed.  I did.  I woke up Saturday morning grouchy.  I blame it on the weather and the hormones.  Aunt Flo will be visiting very soon!  The Mr and I had planned a trek down to visit the family but I, for the life of me could not get out of bed.  It took hours of persuading but the Mr did it; he got me out of bed!  Instead of truckin it down to visit the family as we had planned, the Mr and I opted for a much quieter day in wine country.  Our little place.  When life gets crazy (and it has lately) it's the place where we can go to escape it all. Three wineries, two cheese tastings later, we stumbled upon this beautiful beach. 

Our private beach. What started out as a crummy day turned out to be an amazing one.  Thanks Mr for getting me out of bed. How did you spend your weekend? Xoxo

Me, Myself and the Mr