Saturday, October 18, 2014

It's crocktober!! I've never owned a crock pot before.  I thought it was weird. Why would someone leave an appliance on all day unattended?  What if it overheats?  What if it burns down my house?  What if ... what if?  I had a thousand of them.  I was so afraid of the what if's, I let it get the best of me until last week.  Not sure what came over me.  I think it was the live better magazine (from wal-mart).  Silly, but after flipping through it the Mr & I find ourselves standing in a check out line at our local Wal-mart with a fancy new crock pot. 
It's amaaazing!!!. You toss in stewing beef, fresh cut vegetables, beef stock and "bam" you have yourself a delicious beef stew. Toss in a roast, potatoes and "bam" you have yourself a fancy pot roast dinner.  I must admit I was a little uneasy the first time, but now I'm a pro. Well, I mean we're pros!  My house is fine. The crock pot is 100% safe unattended. It is the perfect appliance for the Mr & I. We toss the ingredients in the pot the night before.  Take it out of the fridge in the morning. Plug in and "bam" dinner is ready when we get home. We're lovin' crocktober !!

Me, Myself and the Mr