Say what?

Sunday, October 05, 2014

It started off as a way to spend more time with the Mr but now has turned into something I genuinely enjoy. Fishing!!  Say what?  Yes you read that right, I said fishing.  For people who know me, I understand this is quite extreme but life is strange. Sometimes you have to try things before you write them off.  Sometimes as we age, we learn to appreciate simplier things.  
This weekend I caught my very first salmon.  It took 10 minutes of intense concentration and hard work to land this little sucker but at the end of it all I was beyond thrilled to have shared this moment with the one person that means the world to me ... The Mr.  
It's not what you do that matters.  It's who you do them with that matters the most. I wish I knew this years ago. Xoxo
How did you spend your weekend?

Me, Myself and the Mr