Am I crazy?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Dare I say, I love being pregnant! First trimester was a little tough but once you get over that hump, it's all smiles!

Am I crazy? Hold that thought! Let me explain myself before you answer that question.

Reason #1: I love watching baby peanut grow. Every week she (aka the bump) gets rounder, bigger and oh so much cuter!  The Mr, myself, family members, strangers cannot keep our hands off her. She's magnetic. 

Reason #2:  I love feeling her grow. I cannot describe the joy I feel everytime she kicks, hiccups or moves inside of me. It is the most amazing thing to experience. Trust me, the Mr is super jealous!

Reason #3: I love dressing her (aka the bump). She's turned my love handles and the extra weight I use to carry around my belly into something hard, round and cute!   I don't have to conceal anything anymore! Tighter is better.   

Reason #4: I love watching my body change every week. It's amazing how the human body works.  For me it started with my breasts and is now moving downwards (ribs, hips, below the waist etc). I discover something new almost every week. The Mr & I love my growing body! 

Reason #5:  I love eating a million times a day.  No explanation needed here :)

I just love so many things. Sure, I have to deal with a little heartburn, frequent trips to the bathroom, sleeping on my side, taking it nice & easy but truly the good outweighs the bad even on my worst day. 

So you tell me ... Am I crazy? 

Me, Myself and the Mr