Stroller Time!

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

I would have never, in a million years, thought picking a stroller would involve so much work. The options are endless! Someone should really create an app for this.  An app that matches your needs to the best stroller in the market.  Sadly, no such app exists today. The Mr and I are on our own!

After a week of googling and a visit to the BabyTime show, the Mr and i armed ourselves with our wish list and ventured out to Snugglebugz to put the a few strollers to the test.  We were looking for:

a) lightweight versatile modular system (with a possible second seat option)
b) smooth city & trail ride
c) easy to fold

Boy, was it ever overwhelming!  Strollers galore!  We quickly ruled out the double in-line strollers like the Britax B-Ready & Baby Jogger City Select as these were  too bulky & heavy for me. These are fantastic options if you are expecting multiples or planning to have another little one as they easily covert from one system to another. Just not for us.  So on we go with testing other options.

Finally, after hours of testing it came down to either the Baby Jogger City Versa GT or the UPPAbaby Cruz. Both very suitable options but at end of the day the Baby Jogger City Versa GT won as it just suited us the best!

Baby Jogger City Versa Gt- $549.99

I love the adjustable handle bar.  It works with shorties like myself and can be adjusted for average Joe's like the Mr.  I love the hand operated handle brakes. I don't have to worry about my toes to unlock the brakes.  Simply flick the lever on the handle bar up to lock and push down to release.  I love how the GT all-terrain wheels make it very versatile and easy to navigate but what I love the most is the one handed fold. Pull up and you're done! Amazing!  It's the feature that sold the stroller. The stroller can also be customized with accessories and be easily converted into a travel system with an adapter.

Buying a stroller is almost like buying a car.  You buy the base then layer in accessories and by the time you are finished building your stroller you are in sticker stock!  Well, at least the Mr and I were. That's the only con but at the end of it all baby peanut will be cruzin' the streets in style and that makes me smile!

Me, Myself and the Mr