Week 35/36 update

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

We are getting closer!! The #1 struggle is indigestion / acid reflux ! I am popping Tums left, right and center! I have gained 3lbs since week 34. This brings me to a total weight gain of 40lbs! Eeek! I seriously think I've gained the most weight in my arms. I caught a glimpse of them earlier this week and was like "whoa flabby!!". The Mr thinks I'm crazy, which is why I love him. He sees the positive side in every situation.

I crave watermelon and Harvey's apple pie! Ohhh yum! I had to increase insulin by two units in order to control my overnight fasting results not because of the apple pie! The Mr & I struggled with insulin injections this week. I'm not sure why but they started to hurt (a lot). I now ice the side of my stomach before injection & inject the insulin a little higher (closer to my ribs) and the pain is more manageable. Just 28 more pricks!

On Sunday we went on the hospital tour. The Mr and I have decided that we will pay the extra $ for a private room. This is the only room that has a folding chair so that the Mr can catch some zzz's while we are there. Surprisingly, the hospital does not provide anything for free. I will need to purchase a postpartum pack for $30. This pack includes diapers, wipes, hospital peripads, mesh underwear and a few other small trinkets #nofreebies

That is about it! I have two doctors appointments this week. I will be 37 weeks on Friday. YEAH! Full term!!

PS- i am not ignoring your comments. I can't see your comments but in blogger view i can see comments were made. Please be patient with me as i try and figure this out. I am a newb!

Me, Myself and the Mr